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About Kevin

Hi there I’m Kevin. I'm a digital specialist discovering innovative storytelling methods in emerging technologies. I can do a lot of things: video production, design, and photography. I market my self as a modern day renaissance man, most people would say Jack-of-all-trades but that just feels too commonplace for me, something I am most certainly not. I speak a million and one languages…

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See! I just spoke Latin. Of course 1,000,000/1,000,001 of my spoken languages are made up, but so was english at one point in time, what I’m trying to say is all hail JavaScript, the one true language.

Anyway, since you read this far I should probably actually describe myself. I’m a recent graduate and member of the first cohort of the USC School of Cinematic Arts Media Arts + Practice program. The program was built upon the process of combining traditional cinema techniques taught in USC SCA and new media. Now what is new media? Well, its hard to pin down exactly as it changes almost every year. 4 years ago it was Snapchat, now it’s more along the line of Augmented Reality. MA+P students strive to master all manner of media applications. I for one was drawn to anything with a computer. I can photoshop your head onto a movie character, illustrate/design a brochure, and edit a feature film. On top of all that, I learned how to write code. That skill allows me to integrate all of my artistic abilities into the web or apps etc. Below you can see more of what I do and read through my resume. Enjoy!


Kevin McGowan Resume