It’s now Tuesday May 2nd. The thesis showcase is in 6 days and the project is almost……… there. Not really though. It seems as though with every step of the process I have to spend more money and more time on things I budgeted as being far less in the beginning. I’m grateful I spent all the time to plan it out, but this being my first real, large project, I was of course wrong. But what is new. It’s coming along. Yesterday I was able to mount all the RFID chips to the frosted acrylic, Today I am finally going to test out the array of all ten and work on spitting out the JSON to the serial port to begin building the server and front end. I have no experience working with serial is this aspect. I tried it once 2 years ago trying to spit out data and read it with processing. It went okay… Luckily with that project it was hard to discern large discrepancies in the artwork because it was random. [I’m referring to this project](). This time there can be no loss of data over serial without causing a large UX problem on the front end. If the project is seamless in data transfer, the user will surely lose interest and most likely walk away. Wish me luck.