Over the weekend The School of Cinematic Arts published an Alumni Profile about my post graduation experience, enjoy the first paragraph below or find the full article on the SCA website.

Kevin McGowan graduated among the first cohort of the Media Arts+Practice division at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in May 2017. A life-long Trojan fan from Palos Verdes, McGowan always aspired to attending SCA. However, the MA+P program was a surprise. He remembers getting a phone call after applying telling him he was being considered for a division that did not exist yet, and subsequently being hand-selected as one of the first twenty students to begin the program: “On day one, me and nineteen other people who were accepted came to class, and we didn’t know what was going on.” But the professors, he adds, “kind of knew” and together they were part of the inception of something new and exciting.