Project Hero

Mapping Music

May 2015

Following my love of music and passion for visualizing data, I have created a tool that is used to create unique visualizations of any song that is brought into the program. Inspired by Casey Reas's work, I built a program of objects and rules. All objects have a form and a simple set of rules. An example includes form no. 1: A circle that tries to move away from all other circles. Building the program off some 5 different forms, an artwork begins to form. The program then takes it one step further and incorporates music. Each of the five forms then receives a second behavior, something determined by the music. 1 form would be effected by the volume of the music, another by the pitch and so on. The end result would be a unique art form.

I then took the project one step further and incorporated an interactive control board to give users more control in addition to choosing the song. The board allowed users to control the number of elements on screen, toggle behaviors among other things. This made the project a fun interactive music visualizer unlike anything else out there.

Control Board

Mapping Music was only shown once during the final of IML 288.